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Croissants machine

Croissant Machines

BABY 2800
automatic croissant

Is not enough space and time your enemy?
With just one action you can win the war against
space and time!
You can place a BABY 2800 croissant unit upon a
small trolley in order to speed up your production.
Approximately 2.800' croissants can be produced
per hour and cut different shapes and sizes of pastry.
The unit is equipped with:
In-feed belt
Orientation unit
Curling unit

TK C.12000 Automatic
croissant machine

Hourly production up to
12'000 croissants per hour
(standard size about 50 g)
The flow of the dough is
controlled by dough-flow
regulators on the in-feed and
out-feed of the gauging unit
Automatic gauging unit
A lateral triangle outfeed
feeds the curling unit
Pneumatic cutting station
(puts the right amount of pressure
on the cutters when cutting
and releases automatically the cutters
when change-over is necessary)
Automatic trimming recuperation
Electro-pneumatic triangle orientation
Extractable transversal belts for easy cleaning
Curling units have four regulations
Do-it-yourself easy conveyor replacement
Production speed electronically adjusted
This unit has been designed with sanitation
and easy cleaning in mind
By just changing the cutters.
any size croissant can be obtained.

automatic croissant

Technology has now allowed us to produce an industrial
croissant machine that takes up little space producing
approximately 5000 croissants per hour at 30 gr. each.
With the by-pass you can transform the TK C.5OOO
into a pastry line where you can cut ali sorts of different
shapes simply by changing the cutters.
The unit is composed of three units : gauging unit /
cutting station with orientor / and the curling unit
- The gauging unit is controlled by two dough-f1ow
regulators at the in-feed and out-feed so the unit adjusts
itself according to the flow of the dough giving you
consistency and also joining dough billets into a single
- The cutting station cuts in two stages so the product
does not stick to the cutter. Changing the cutters is fast
and simple.
- The curling unit, which is the heart of the machine,
is the result of many years experience: producing a
croissant that is appreciated by all pastry chefs.

Croissant machines

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